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Hello! Need help with your pinball machine? I offer a variety of services including repairs, LED lighting installs, and buying, selling, or trading machines. Hosting an event? I also offer rental equipment. My consultations are top-notch and I'm available every step of the way. If you're in French-speaking Switzerland, I have great news! I offer delivery and have an impressive collection of machines available. Let's schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and find the perfect solution. I'm excited to provide you with the ultimate pinball machine experience!

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repairing and restoring 
classic pinball machines

Pinball Machines
David Haughton

Rotation VIII restoration project

Rotation VIII restoration project Today I received a Midway Rotation VIII for restoration. The person who originally purchased this machine was an experienced pinball repair person who

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Pinball Machines
David Haughton

Hurricane Revision

Revision of williams hurricane pinball To revise a pinball machine, the playfield must be thoroughly examined to ensure that every component functions properly. Therefore, the

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